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Top 3 of electronics brands

Sony Ericsson, Samsung en Nokia have received the highest Rank a Brand score out of the 42 ranked electronics brands. So when you need a new mobile, these can be good choices.

The Greenpeace Guide To Greener Electronics also comes up with the same Top 3, and we are happy with that. Even before Rank a Brand went on-line, our FAQ list was overloaded. On the shortlist: “Is it possible to make a valid ranking based on a list of 18 Yes/No questions?”

We often ask ourselves what value our information has. With the 18 online casino canada questions we ask, we collect 18 valuable answers for every electronic brand. You can read these on our website and judge for yourself. Tallying up the ‘Yes’ answers and putting them in a score bar is a rather robust process, but we seem to succeed in distinguishing the “green” frontrunners from the average performers and the laggards – as the close correlation between our rankings and the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics rankings show.

A comparison with the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics not only gives more or less the same frontrunners (see the top 3), but also the same laggards (including Nintendo, Fujitsu, en Microsoft, producer of a.o. the X-Box). This is quite remarkable, given the fact that the Greenpeace review is more extensive and complex than our evaluation system. In terms of the questions asked, there is one big difference: the Greenpeace review doesn’t include labor conditions, while we do. Below is the last version of their dashboard.

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