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Fashion Product Developer: 30 t-shirts in 120 seconds

NEW VACANCY: Fashion Product Developer, 84hrs/week, 50 EUR/month, no contract, no labor unions, no insurance!

Sound like a crazy vacancy? Crazy, yes, but not unrealistic, unfortunately. Rank a Brand wants to know about the labour conditions of factory workers where our cell phones are being assembled, our garments are being sewed and our prawns are being peeled. That’s why Rank a Brand scans if brands endorse responsible working conditions for factory workers. Curious how the brands you purchase score? Have a look at our rankings!

Still think the vacancy is crazy? Check out this short film clip:

Here, a Chinese couple talks about trying to earn a living as factory workers in the short documentary ‘Made in China’ (from the film ‘Wal-Mart the high cost of low price’ by Robert Greenwald).

Working in a ‘sweatshop’ is harsh: blood, sweat and tears for extremely low wages. Although we all think that those factories only exist in developing countries, this is not the case; in the United States, for instance, there are factories that can easily be called sweatshops. See this link and the next shortdocumentary: ‘Victims of Fashion: Workers Abuse in Nearby Sweatshops’ from Bay Area Video Collection.

How would it be to work in a garment factory in India? Six British fashionistas in the BBC-series ‘Blood, Sweat and T-shirts’ checked out garment factories in India and discovered that things are completely different in garment factories in India compared to their normal life back home. Whilst the conditions they had to work under were harsh, there are factories that are far worse. The fashionistas were shocked, and declared that they would start purchasing from responsible brands from now on. Our tip: to find out which brands are responsible, always check Rank a Brand!

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