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Rank a Brand featured in barcode scanner Germany

Since today Germans are a little bit more privileged than the rest of the world. barcoo has launched a new and improved version of its barcode scan application which includes information on how sustainable consumer brands and products are. And we are one of the featured rankings!


The smartphone application is very simple: consumers scan the barcode of a product and barcoo provides a vast array of information about the given product: including how much it costs in the shop around the corner and online, consumer reviews, and health info. And from now on: an overview of how green and fair the product is. So consumers can check how a product performs in casino online terms of labour conditions, environment and climate change. We are especially excited about the fact that sustainability information will now be displayed alongside more common criteria such as price, and are convinced that this is a key step towards mainstream sustainability.

That’s 2.0 right there for you! Unfortunately barcoo is only available in Germany at the moment. But with more than 500,000 downloads of the application, it surely won’t take long before the first barcode scan apps in other countries will integrate sustainability information.

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