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Dear brands, why do you give us and yourselves such a hard time?

‘Not found on website of brand’: this is our most common answer when ranking brands. More than half of the 600 brands we have ranked does not tell us anything about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). And when they do provide information about the first two P’s in people, planet & profit, concrete information is often missing. Dear brands, why do you give us and especially yourselves such a hard time?

Sorry plaatje

Despite their valuable efforts, even brands with a green image miss out on scoring points in our ranking. Fashion designer Stella McCartney claims that her company is carbon neutral, but she does not tell us how she is achieving this. Edun, the organic fashion brand founded by Bono and his wife, does not publish its Made-by membership. This is a shame because the latter organization displays beautiful reports to be found on every brand. Also, denim brands like Nudie Jeans, gsus and Acne do not inform their customers about their cooperation with the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), which aims to improve labour conditions.

According to the Dutch scientist Marjolein Doets, not communicating about CSR is a missed opportunity, as the brand’s efforts will not be noticed and appreciated. At the same time – as we blogged about before – a sustainable image can make the difference for brands when the price and quality of competitors are equal. Complimentary research found out that consumers prefer to purchase socially responsible brands.

Why would a brand not express itself, hide what it stands for and what it does? Is sustainability still a taboo? Dear brands, it is 2010, come out of that closet!

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