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Real Men Wait for Hugo Boss

Men’s fashion is running behind when it comes to corporate social responsibility, says Rank a Brand’s founder Niels Oskam in a special about men’s fashion in the Dutch Magazine Elsevier. Niels illustrated this with the brand Hugo Boss, a fashion empire that is ever so slightly about climate, environment and labour conditions. We wonder if there is any policy at all.


Elsevier practised journalism the way they should and asked Hugo Boss as well. BOSS confirmed that “the information on the website is inadequate,” but said that all information on sustainable production is actually available. Hugo Boss is “not publishing these data casino online until the website is improved”.

The phone call with Elsevier took place last summer. Now, the new website of Hugo Boss looks excellent. And surprisingly, the new label BOSS Green was recently launched, accompanied with a green logo and an extended collection.

Our rankers immediately wanted to know what the collection was made from; organic cotton, hemp, recycled PET bottles? In what percentages? And what about the labour conditions? But information about the BOSS Green label is untraceable. The collection is made from ‘normal’ cotton, wool and polyamide. Strange, why do they call this collection ‘Green’?

The conclusion: this label is called ‘Green’ because it is inspired from golf. The short cut piece of grass around the hole on a golf course is called the Green. Therefore, ‘Green’. A marketing trick, or a wink to sustainable fashion that Hugo Boss is not really into yet? We may expect that real men wait for real content. Because Hugo Boss, a real man keeps it word.

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