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Hotmail, MSN and Bing most transparant, green and fair websites

The ‘Unfriend Coal’ campaign from Greenpeace made us wonder if only Facebook is not transparent about the power that they use, and also how green and fair the world’s largest websites are. How are Twitter, Google, eBay & Amazon dealing with people and the environment?

There is still a lot of room for improvement for the website sector. While most websites have published something about their CSR policy and mention the use of renewable energy (from the sun, water or wind), much remains unclear; specific criteria, targets or achievements are barely mentioned. So we do not know whether all buildings and data centres run on renewable energy, or whether green power is only used in one small building.

Website scores

Only Hotmail, Bing and MSN (all owned by Microsoft) provide specific numbers on the emission of CO2 and are the highest scorers. Google (so also Gmail and YouTube) follows closely behind. It is the only website brand that claims to take some consideration for the labour best online casino practices of suppliers.

Since the famous boiling a kettle of tea story, Google has launched a page where the CO2 emissions of some everyday activities are compared to Google searches. According to Google 1.050 search requests emit the same amount of CO2 as the production of one glass of orange juice. Whether this is true or untrue we are not able to find out, since Google does not publish a carbon footprint on its website.

Facebook has recently opened a green page, but the key question of Greenpeace is not being answered: where does the energy of Facebook come from? So Facebook only scores one point. However, that is still a higher score than Skype, LinkedIn and Twitter. Apparently, these websites don’t think sustainability is an issue, because they do not mention anything about CSR at all.

What can you do?

Stop using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? In the Fashion and Apparel and the Electronics sectors it is much easier to choose the better scoring alternatives. We will not stop using Twitter and Facebook either, because we find it very important to keep contact with you. But we can take action together. Send an email to Facebook to encourage this brand to be more transparent about their CSR policy. Click ‘Email Brand’ on the ranking page of Facebook to directly reach the brand representative. You can also tweet your message to @twitter!

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