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Winter is here! And if you are a winter sport enthusiast and/or planning an outdoors holiday this season, you can give the environment a thought: act green in order to keep the white snow around you. Ecological damage in popular winter destinations is not something rare to see these days.  For example, a recent story published by news network CNN has pointed out the damages that global warming is already causing to the Alps and its relation to outdoor winter sports. We know you care about it, and we invite you to make Eco-friendly choices before you go out and have fun in the snow!

You can not only act responsible at your winter sport destination, you can also contribute to a better world by considering what you wear. At Rank a Brand we are committed to help consumers making environmentally responsible choices based on how green, fair, and transparent popular brands are. That is why we invite you to check out the best ranked popular brands casino within the winter outdoors apparel sector. At the moment the forerunners are Nomad, Patagonia and Timberland; all scoring 8 out of 16 points. To see the longer and up-to-date list, you can go to our website and search for “snow” in our search engine or look for individual brands you are interested in!

When you check the brands, you will also find out that some of them have interesting Eco-friendly initiatives and products such as the Green Index® (a customer-oriented information policy from Timberland), Earthkeepers™ (a shoe collection made mainly with recycled materials and enforced by a nice online community platform, also by Timberland), a PET Recycled sport-winter-look-bag collection from Vaude and Helly Hansen’s environmentally friendly Ekolab line.

How can you help keeping the white winter (and even make the world a more fair place for everyone)? Easy – check the tag of your products! Prefer organic and recycled materials, choose environmentally friendly new fabrics, look for international certifications, and think about those workers who crafted your garments. Remember that you have the final word regarding where your money goes to when buying clothes. Demand transparent, Eco-friendly, and fair products. Extra tip: Choose durable clothes over low-priced ones, the more you can use your clothes the better it is both for your wallet and the environment!

If you are in the mood for planning a white green winter, check out this video with Ski Club Great Britain“s recommendations for choosing an Eco-friendly skiing resort. We can have fun outdoors and protect nature at the same time. Do you have any more winter tips for a sustainable lifestyle? Please let us know!

Make responsible choices and have a great winter holiday!

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