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Full stomach = clear conscience?

You may have noticed that we’ve not brought you any news for a while on when we will be adding new sectors to our rankings. That’s because our attention has been devoted to analysing the new CSR reports being published by fashion and telecoms brands – among others. Plus, we’ve been wrapped up with the launch of our Rank Your Style campaign and new Rank a Brand Academy (Which is going great – check it out if you can read Dutch!). But in this case, no news was good news, as once we had all our other activities on track, we got busy ranking brands in a whole new sector. But which one…? What were we missing? We already rank brands from the fashion, electronics, telecom, supermarkets, automotive, travel, media and online sectors… Exactly: food & beverage.

Deforestation with your dinner?

If you can already get ecological clothes, a fair smartphone and CO2-neutral websites, then surely it must be possible to fill your belly with a clear conscience, too. The proliferation of eco-labels is already helping us to make a big step in the right direction. But with all these labels, do we lose sight of the real question: is this the most sustainable and fair product that I can buy? Naturally, we’re very curious to see how the big names in the world of food and drink perform when it comes to sustainability. Are you choosing a burger that’s come directly from the farmer to the best online casino fork? Or one with a side helping of deforestation? McDonalds seems to fall into both categories. Can we responsibly brew up a better future? Heineken is lending a helping hand. It’s time to work out whether we only need to worry about counting calories, or whether we also need to count carbon…among other things.

sterling recycling center

Source: Flickr, Kino-Eye

One for the road?

A twitterpoll told us where to start: with a nice cold beer. Our beer rankings will be the first food & beverage rankings to go live – and the publication date is set for Wednesday August 24. If you want to know how your favourite tipple stacks up, then watch this space!

And while we’re talking about food: donate what you can to help Somalia.


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