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Wanted: the world's worst corporations


The Berne Declaration and Greenpeace Switzerland are rooting out corporations that ruthlessly pursue profits at any cost – human or environmental. When they find out who they are, they’re going to name and shame them at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The worst offenders will find their sins exposed via the 2012 Public Eye Awards shortlist. If all goes to plan, they will come under so much pressure, that they will be forced to clean up their acts.

We all know that companies use inhumane working conditions or environmentally destructive practices to widen their profit margins. But it’s hard to comprehend just how unscrupulous they can be. Last year’s Public Eye Awards exposed some shockers. The ‘winners’ were Neste Oil, the Finnish ‘green diesel’ producer that smears a thick layer of greenwash over its palm-oil procurement practices, and AngloGold/Ashanti, a South African mining firm that is destroying Ghana’s rivers with its gold-mining projects and violating human rights. Find out more at the 2011 Public Eye Awards Hall of Shame.

Public Eye Awards 2011 winner: AngloGold-Ashanti

So who do you think we should nominate?
The Rank a Brand team is keen help show these companies online casino that they can’t keep getting away with it. The question is which company we should nominate. The awards organisers are looking for corporations that have caused social and/or environmental damage in a well-documented case.”

We’re already thinking that Shell deserves to come under pressure for allegedly working “hand in glove” with the Syrian government as tanks roll through the streets. Disney, Mattel and Apple have been scrambling to defend the hellish labour conditions at their suppliers’ factories in recent months. And what company is responsible for the mess in the Alberta oil sands in Canada, where an enormous area of wilderness, forest and wetland is being strip mined?

Or maybe we should just nominate all companies that refuse to shed any light on what they get up to or who they deal with… There are too many zero scores on the Rank a Brand database!

Send us your suggestions – tell us below, or send us a tweet @rankabrand!



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  1. Posted 16/09/2011 at 10:50 | Permalink

    You should at least consider Apple. Google for ‘Apple’ in combination with the words ‘Congo’, ‘ChIna’ or ‘Fairphone’ and you will find out why.
    Unfortunately Apple is always very mysterious about were their materials come from, so maybe it will be hard to prove. But that’s why i said: you should at least consider them.
    And take for example a look at

    Posted 21/09/2011 at 18:58 | Permalink

    Trafigura without a doubt! Then some upperclass european governments with their banks and investments!