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1%Event: A better world starts online

Are you a Cheetah? Attracted to this question, Rank a Brand went to the 1%Event in Amsterdam. The 1%Event event was launched as an initiative to bring ‘Cheetas’ – as the organizer, modern day development organization 1%CLUB, calles the young, fast-moving entrepreneurial generation that shares ideas 2.0 – together with other Cheetahs, investors and inspirational people. Who thinks it is only possible to help people on the other side of the world by traveling there, is wrong. You merely need an internet connection and a group of ambitious persons who want to invest there time and knowledge.

”It’s not like you wake up and shit a golden egg”
As a participant you are challenged to be a Cheetah, as opposed to the so-called ‘Hippos’ that are complacent, bureaucratic and slow. You can also listen to other Cheetahs; amongst who were Mike Lee (responsible for numerous apps such as the Obama app and Apple’s Mobile Store) and Alexander Klöpping (the well known Dutch techno-nerd). Silicon Valey should move to Amsterdam where one is not dictated by emotions, fear and anger, but by logic – says Mike Lee whilst tapping against casino online his pirate hat. We hear about the struggles of the ‘nerds’ within Silicon Valley, an area so competitive and controlled by patents and layers that it crushes the creativity of its cheetahs. Alexander Klöpping draws an image where people can print their own good at home with their 3-D printer.

What does this have to do with charity, one would think? A lot! Both Cheetas say that the power of consumers is getting bigger and bigger. Our ability to satisfy our needs is ever increasing by modern technology, and we are becoming less dependant on big companies and governments. The 1%CLUB is a concrete example of this. In their online marketplace people can combine their time and knowledge to resolve concrete problems and set up successful business models all over the world. The only thing you need are an open mind and a willingness to share. To quote Mike Lee: “It’s not like you wake up and shit a golden egg”.

Let’s make it work
That crowdsourcing is the solution to all world problems may be idealistic; but with shared knowledge we can go far. At Rank a Brand gladly we gladly share our knowledge with you. We monitor changes in the area of CSR as good as possible. And we do this all online. Through our website and social media you can always ask questions about how sustainable your favorite brands are. Also, our website enables you to follow brands or e-mail them. Your input is needed to make the rigid Hippos budge and bring out the Cheetah in everyone. Are you running with us?

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