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Dutch media not transparent about sustainability

We actually wanted to call this blog ‘The great climate change conspiracy: are the media hiding something’? But OK, that”s a blatantly tabloid headline. But this post IS all about media in the Netherlands – and about the disappointing lack of information they publish about their own sustainability.

Strange, no? We thought that spreading information was the whole point of the media. Our diligent team of rankers just finished updating the Print Media and TV Media sectors. And even though we”ve added three new questions – giving the brands a chance to earn a few extra points – there”s been no real change in our rankings. That”s mostly because the brands don”t seem to want to tell us anything.

The three new questions all focus on climate change: Does the brand publish a carbon footprint? How big is it? And do they have a footprint reduction target? Well, turns out most answers are “No”, “Won”t tell” and “No”.

Print vs TV
The print media seem to be online casino making more of an effort. Whereas the major TV stations don”t even hint at the size of their CO2 footprints, three top national newspapers do: De Telegraaf, De Kampioen and Elsevier. And the first two even go a little further, publishing serious and concrete targets for cutting emissions.

However, only a handful of newspapers had published a new CSR report since January (Elsevier, de Kampioen, De Telegraaf, and National Geographic). And on the whole, even these contained very little new information.

In TV, nothing changed. Nothing. No-one lost any points – but no-one earned any either. And it”s not as if there isn”t room for improvement. The leading TV brand only has one point.

One point?!?! Only the RTL group and National Geographic had published new CSR reports, but these included very little information.

Inform us!
If we”ve said it once, we”ve said it a thousand times. Sustainability information should be easily accessible for consumers to make responsible choices. The brands that make a living by providing information should really be doing better than this.

How does your favorite TV channel or newspaper perform? Our media sectors are only focused on the Netherlands at the moment. But you can use the RankaBrand question list to as a guide for ranking your own. Just search for one of the brands mentioned above to find the questions!


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