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A great cleavage – with a clear conscience

It may be the depths of winter, and our toes may be turning blue, but February is a pretty good month to pick up some new lingerie. Lingerie brands and online fashion shops are clamouring to sell their valentine collections right now. Are you heading off this week to pick up something cute for your bed-fellow? Or maybe something to surprise them with? Then here’s a guide for grabbing something green and fair as well as sexy.

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Skimpy scores for mainstream panties
Lingerie brands don’t score so well on our website – they don’t tell us much about their efforts to make their businesses greener or fairer. Hunkemöller scores a size zero, for example. They actually took the time to ask us if we could take their ranking off our site – we said no! And we even caught After Eden with its pants down – they had posted on their website that they were members of the business initiative for better working conditions called BSCI. After Eden quickly took the information down once we pointed out that they weren’t.

So whose pants CAN we pull on?
Luckily for us (and our partners), Wonderbra and Pants to Poverty set better examples. Pants to Poverty even uses nothing but organic cotton – which also means there aren’t any pesticides rubbing off on your intimate bits. In fact, lingerie producers in general are using more of these “environmentally preferable materials”, including bamboo, hemp, and soya fibers, as well as recycled nylon. What’s more, they’re using few harmful chemicals in their dying processes.

Our top shopping tips

  • Peau Ethique and Ciel both pay close attention to the way they impact people and planet. They use environmentally friendly materials, and apply Fairtrade principles when working with the people who grow them.
  • The sexy lingerie sets from In Bloom are made from lyocell, among other things, an ecological alternative to polyester.
  • When you buy the brightly colored pants from PACT, you’re supporting organic-cotton farmers
  • The simple lingerie sold by Uranus Apparel is made using the by-products of soya-processing (e.g., for making tofu or soya-oil).

What are we missing? Let us know if you’ve found a source of underwear that gives you a clear conscience as well as a great cleavage…
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