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Brands commit to clear Chinese waters

Remember Greenpeace’s Detox Campaign – “Adidas and Nike need to detox”? The aim of this campaign is to put a halt on water pollution by fashion brands and their textile factories. Greenpeace is calling on all clothing brands to comply with and live up to the statements described in the Zero Discharge Commitment. To do this, they must publicly acknowledge the severity of the problem, and promise to actively work on an entirely toxic-free future.

Update Rankings
The campaign has been extremely fruitful so far: Puma, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, C&A en G-Star have all committed to zero discharge. A great result for Greenpeace, and the rest of the planet! Subsequently, all of these brands have presented their renewed environmental policy online casino on their websites. Sufficient reason for us to give them all an extra point in their rankings.

Lacoste is the only brand among the lot that has not changed its website yet. We’d like to emphasize that it is not too late to still do so – this good step ahead can lead to their very first point in our ranking!

source: website Greenpeace

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