How sustainable are your favourite brands?

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How green are your favourite crisps?

After the latest update of the beer sector, next in line is the crisps sector. At parties it is now more easy to drink a more sustainable beer, but a bowl of crisps in the same manner turns out to be more difficult. Therefore, Rank a Brand presents the newest ranking of the sustainability efforts of well-known international crisps brands.

What is it that makes crisps sustainable? Rank a Brand reviewed multiple aspects in this regard. For one, we researched if brands make use of sustainable ingredients, such as organically grown potatoes and more sustainable variants of (or alternatives to) palm oil. We also looked at the climate policy the brands have in place and the use of renewable energy. Lastly, we checked how well the brands performed in the area of labour conditions.


A long way to go
What is remarkable, is that none of the crisps brands Rank a Brand researched scored higher than a D label (15 to 35% of the maximum score). Of the 17 points that the brands could receive, the highest scoring brand only managed to get four. This score applies to Doritos, Lay’s, and Smiths, all part of the American concern of PepsiCo. The brands scored points for their policy to reduce carbon emissions, for minimizing packaging and waste, and for having a Code of Conduct in place to accomplish better labour conditions in low wage countries.

With three points, Kettle and Pringles both also get a D label, although barely. Pringles scores points for having a climate policy in place, as well as a Code of Conduct and for minimizing its waste stream. Apart from a point for its climate policy, Kettle also scores two points for using more sustainable oil and for having an organic crisps line with the more sustainable ingredients to match. The other two brands in our list, Burts and Tyrrells, do not mention anything on their sustainability efforts and receive the lowest possible E label. We therefore recommend to especially leave these brands lying in the shelves.

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Limited amount of brands
Ofcourse it is true that there are much more crisps brands than the seven international brands (and one national brand, Croky) we have examined. These brands are, however, the most well-known, and thus are most commonly eaten. Smaller brands, like those sold in organic stores, may well receive higher scores. Since Rank a Brand is however limited in the amount of brands we can rank, these brands are left out for now.

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