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Sustainability often not on the menu of restaurant chains

A quick bite downtown, at the railway or bus station or along the highway. Most of us do it often. However, is it possible to do so in a sustainable way? Unfortunately, this mostly is not the case for the more well-known restaurant chains.


How do the restaurant chains perform?

Sustainability doesn’t seem to be on the menu for most of the well-known restaurant chains; in the latest ranking of Rank a Brand, none of the restaurant chains that were examined scored better than a C-label. Only IKEA Restaurant shows some substantial improvement and is now top performer in this sector. McDonalds and Subway perform somewhat better than most brands and receive a D label, which means they have started to take sustainability into account, but they should do better. Popular chains like Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Vapiano, and Domino’s Pizza receive the lowest possible grade, the E label. We therefore recommend not ordering at these chains until they show more improvements.

In comparison to the previous ranking, some brands received lower scores due to new, more demanding criteria that Rank a Brand implemented. Burger King for example, lost its nbso online casino reviews D label and now resides among the worst-scoring brands with an E label. The new criteria are, among others, sustainability measures in the production chain or the supply of vegan food.

Restaurant Chains Update 2015 Score Card EN

What stands out?

As far as sustainable meat, fish, eggs, drinks, or fruits and vegetables go, almost no restaurant chain shows concrete policy on these products to make them more sustainable. Examples of such policies are the use of organic beef, fruits or vegetables or the supply of tap water as opposed to bottled water. In a sector that has a major global environmental impact, such as large-scale agriculture and cattle breeding for which tropical forests are being cleared, improvements are necessary.

Help get durability on the menu

The full list of the brands we’ve surveyed can be found on the overview page of restaurant chains. By clicking on a brand you can find more information about our assessment. You can also send brands a message through their brand page by clicking the link ‘nudge this brand’.

To help get sustainability on restaurants’ menu, we could use your help. Support Rank a Brand!

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