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World Food Day: Use Rank a Brand to choose sustainable brands

Today is World Food Day, a day in which there is extra focus on food safety. This special day is organized every year since 1981 by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. This year, not only Oktober 16th, but the whole week, is centered around food related issues, such as some of the topics from the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’. The main issue during this week is ensuring food for every person on the planet.


What’s going on?

Special attention for our food is very much needed nowadays. With a growing world population, climate change and the exhaustion of large areas of agricultural land, there are plenty of challenges to be met. Large scale use of pesticides, of which the health risks are not always clear, and the clearing of tropical rainforests are well-known examples. Furthermore, in many countries laborers in the food industry are still exploited systematically. These people receive too little pay for a reasonable existence, work too much hours a day and/or end up with physical complaints as a result of things like spraying pesticides without protective clothing.

What can you do?

The questions that remains with circumstances such as those mentioned above is always: who is responsible? Companies, governments and consumers often point to each other and at the end of the day, too little is happening. Of course none of these parties has full responsibility, but when everyone takes little steps, large improvements can be made.

For a start, a great step for consumers is using Rank a Brand. On our website, you can see which companies take their responsibility when it comes to climate change, environment, and labor conditions. To see how serious they are in this respect, the brands’ performance on criteria such as carbon emissions, carrying certificates (like organic or fair trade) and the reduction of food waste and waste nbso online casino reviews are examined. The brands are then ordered from high to low, and get assigned labels according to their scores as seen in the image below. More information about our methods can be found on the pages ‘what we do’ and ‘how we work’.


Using Rank a Brand gives consumers the power to create change, by rewarding well-performing brands through the purchase of their products. A list of the better performing brands can be found on the overview page of food and beverages brands. We also regularly communicate about the performance of multiple sectors, like recently for restaurant chains and crisps brands.

Support Rank a Brand

Rank a Brand is a brand comparison website by and for consumers and focuses on sustainability and socially responsible entrepreneurship. We want to provide consumers with a clear overview of the sustainable performance of well-known brands. In this way, they can choose for better performing brands more easily, so that companies are stimulated to produce more sustainable and fair. We do not only rank brands that offer food and beverages, but also other sectors, among which are clothing, electronics, and telecommunication.

To be able to continue our work, we are in great need of your support. Apart from you contribution as a responsible consumer that makes more well considered purchases with the help of our website or app, you can also support us financially or help us carry out our research as a volunteer. Do you want to stay up to date about our research on the sustainable performance of well-known brands? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Together we can make sure that on this World Food Day and during the rest of the year, our food supply will become more sustainable and fair!

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