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It’s time for shoe brands to step up to the plate! In the areas of sustainability, social responsibility and transparency, which brands are progressing in leaps and bounds, and which are digging their heels in?

To answer this question, Rank a Brand is asking supporters to help raise the funds needed to update our shoe brand ranking. A crowdfunding campaign specifically for this project has been set up on Pifworld and is ready to take donations. For every €250 raised, we can assess one brand. Donors will have the opportunity to nominate a brand they’d like included in the ranking by leaving a message when donating.

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If you regularly check the Rank a Brand website for information from an independent source, please consider making a donation and spreading the word amongst your networks to support this update. Your donation will help us continue our work and increase its impact on brands and consumer behavior.

For this project, all brands will be graded against criteria that covers the biggest issues in the shoe production industry – child labour, fair wages for workers, environmentally-friendly leather tanning, use of eco-friendly materials, banning hazardous and toxic chemicals, and reducing carbon emissions.

Our last shoe and footwear ranking was completed in early 2015 and saw Ethletic finish first with an overall B-rating. However, many of the selected brands showed much room for improvement with the majority  receiving an E, the lowest possible rating. Not exactly kicking goals! But that was almost two years ago and it’s possible they have since stepped up their game.

Are we the only ones footing the bill for that pair of new kicks?
It’s often hard to tell. But brands that publish information about their production chains, the materials used and the people involved in making their products, show consumers that they are motivated by more than just their bottom line. With help from environmentally and socially-conscious consumers like you, Rank a Brand will identify and highlight the shoe brands  currently leading the way and nudge those lagging behind.

See which popular shoe brands were included in the 2015 ranking and how they scored, under the Shoes & footwear sector on our website.

Rank a Brand is a completely independent, non-profit organisation. We rely on donations to grade brands across a variety of sectors on their sustainability, and keep consumers informed. In addition to this project, you can also support us by becoming a Friend of Rank a Brand with a donation of €25 or more per year.

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