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Yearly overview 2016

First of all, we wish you a happy, sustainable and fair 2017! We welcome this new year with its new possibilities, many brands that will be updated or newly ranked, and other projects being started or prolonged. In this blog, we want to take you back to 2016, and show you what we have accomplished with your support.

We also want to use this opportunity to thank you for your support, by following us on social media, by subscribing to our newsletter, by sharing our work, and of course, by purchasing the fairest and most sustainable brands. By doing so, you’ve helped us to enlarge our international community of responsible consumers and put more pressure on brands to improve their sustainability performance. Nevertheless, there is one important way you can help us continuing our work, and that is by becoming a Friend of Rank a Brand. With your financial support, we can do more research and push more brands towards sustainability.

2016: a quick overview
In 2016, we saw many new volunteers join our team from many different countries, and we now consist of a global group of more than 70 rankers. With the great work of this team, we have newly ranked or updated a total of 331 brands this year of which dozens are new. The total number of ranked brands on our website now consists of more than 750, with many more on our to-do list, as requested by you – our users. You can help us realize even more rankings by joining our team of rankers.

Our 2016 rankings were seen by 790,000 visitors on our websites alone. If we include our mobile websites and blogs, the number is even higher, with around 918,000 visitors. Thereby, November was our record month with 85,000 visitors. Never before have we had so many visitors consulting our rankings. What a great prospect for 2017!

Apart from updating and adding brands to our website, we also worked on different side-projects. One highlight is the Sustainable Cotton Ranking 2016. For this project, we examined the use of (more) sustainable cotton by 37 of the largest cotton buying companies. For more information on this project, read our blog.

Coming back to our ranking work: another large project we undertook in 2016 is the ranking of Cosmetics, in collaboration with StoereVrouwen. This is one of our other highlights of 2016, as well as an important milestone. By adding these rankings of popular cosmetics brands, we have served our users by adding the sector that was most requested to our platform. Plus, by also adding Drugstores, we can now proudly say: “Rank a Brand has never before been as complete as it is today”!

Impact of our rankings
The rankings combined with these side-projects generated quite some media attention in 2016. Most of the articles, radio interviews, and blogs are in German and Dutch, still our main language areas. However, more and more often we also see our work being picked up internationally.

Aside from an ever increasing number of critical consumers using and consulting our rankings (Top 3 countries: Netherlands, Germany & USA), brands also notice the impact of Rank a Brand on the way their brand is viewed. Because of this, an increasing number of brands enter into dialogue with us. Furthermore, better performing brands increasingly refer to their ranking. Some examples are C&A, G-Star (from minute 2:00), Fairphone and Kings of Indigo.

To the future
Coming year, we will further develop and aim the launching of our new website. Please help us share this flyer searching for developers and other volunteers to work on the new website. With or without this new website, we expect to hit a million visitors. Furthermore, we plan to further increase our visibility through the general media and social media, to spread our rankings to as much interested people as possible.

In January and February, we will publish our new rankings on Websites and Telecom brands. We will also launch a crowdfunding campaign to attract funding for our next ranking of shoe brands. Of course, many more sectors will be updated in 2017. We will keep you posted on these developments in future blogs and newsletters. We are very much looking forward to it and hope you do too!

To continue our work, we need your support!
Rank a Brand is a completely independent, non-profit organization that, for a large part, runs on donations from consumers like you, who share our vision for a fairer and more sustainable world. If you can spare a small amount, we can keep offering you up-to-date information on the sustainability of hundreds of brands in the areas of fashion, food and beverages, electronics, body care and many other sectors. Furthermore, it helps us to increase the pressure on these brands to become more sustainable, socially responsible and transparent.

You can support us in the following ways:

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  • Donate directly by bank transfer to IBAN: NL43 TRIO 0390 2148 41 (BIC: TRIONL2U) Rank a Brand, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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