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Thanks to everyone

Dear friend, volunteer, donor and loyal user of Rank a Brand,

Rank a Brand becomes Good On You. With this message I want to thank you for all the support since the establishment of Rank a Brand in 2009. We have worked together for a full decade on a wonderful project and shook many companies up to work more transparently and sustainably. We have helped many thousands of consumers with buying more fair products such as clothing, food or electronics.

Our mission is now largely continued under the flag of This is an Australian social enterprise with the same objective as Rank a Brand. It is a fast-growing company that has already assessed thousands of fashion brands based on criteria for human rights, environment and animal welfare. GoodOnYou also offers links to the webshops of the most sustainable brands. And yes, that is how GoodOnYou generates income. Thanks to the commercial approach, GoodOnYou can hopefully continue to grow for a long time and entice millions of consumers to shop fairly.

For us it was often hectic behind the scenes to keep our organization up and running. In the last years our development stagnated due to our non-profit approach with many volunteers and fewer donations. We came to the point that we could only find our way up again if we were to raise a lot of funds to invest in technology, and then we would build something that would look like GoodOnYou. It was therefore more logical to continue our shared mission together. The great ambitions of Rank a Brand now get a second life through GoodOnYou.

As a member of the Advisory Board, I myself remain involved with GoodOnYou. In this position I want to make a special commitment to the quality of the research and the presentation of the results.

I would like to once again thank everyone who has been involved in the past decades: volunteers, donors, friends, board members, members of the advisory board, employees, partner organizations and all users of the website and app.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me.


Niels Oskam
niels (at) rankabrand (.) org

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