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Celebrate Earth Day with Organic Cotton

  Earth Day is here and we want to use this special occasion to discuss a few initiatives aimed to bring organic cotton to mainstream consumers. Cotton is one of the agricultural products that pollutes the most; its large demand, combined with the amount of water it consumes, the use  of dangerous pesticides, and other chemicals applied for its […]

Take Them Off If They’re Not Green Enough!

  Spring is coming and we all know what that means: you need to get your new underwear ready. So we’re not gonna help you to change your undies but to change the world while you do it. Keep reading and take into consideration how green and fair your underwear is! First, girls and guys, […]

International Women’s Day!

    Today we commemorate the centenary of International Women’s Day, the Rank a Brand team would like to remark on the great efforts women have made throughout the world to achieve greater political, economic, social, cultural, and civil rights. A large extent of today’s liberties for the female gender have been attained through courage, non-stop […]

Enjoy the winter and help to preserve it!

Winter is here! And if you are a winter sport enthusiast and/or planning an outdoors holiday this season, you can give the environment a thought: act green in order to keep the white snow around you. Ecological damage in popular winter destinations is not something rare to see these days.  For example, a recent story published […]

Marks & Spencer is going green(er)

Marks & Spencer is not doing bad in our ranking, the British retailer went up to 9 out of 16 points! Quite a good score within the fashion and apparel sector. But probably not good enough for Marks & Spencer yet, since the company has set a very ambitious goal: Becoming the world’s most sustainable […]