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Maarten Wubben is a ranker at Rank a Brand and lecturer at the Rotterdam School of Management.

Outdoor Fashion: Good for the Great Outdoors (and Beyond)?

If there is one type of fashion that is obviously connected to nature, it is outdoor fashion. Think breathable jackets, windproof pants and protective base layers – the type of clothing you wear when you go hiking, trekking and mountain biking. So are these clothes not only good for enjoying nature, but also good for […]

What’s boiling in the tea sector?

Tea is, after water, world’s most popular beverage. And, if you brew it without heating too much water, tea is also a very sustainable beverage. Or at least, it can be. After all, tea leaves also need to be responsibly sourced from farmers, sustainable agricultural practices have to be employed, and packaging needs to be […]

Sustainability telecom nothing to mail home about

Mobile phone, digital TV and Internet subscriptions—you might think that for such services, which are digital after all, sustainability is not a main concern. But it is. By 2025, the Telecom sector is expected to use a whopping 10% of global power consumption, so climate change is a key issue. Yet Telecom companies also use […]

Rank a Brand vs. RSM business students: 11 ideas

Here’s an experiment: 54 master students from the Rotterdam School of Management, specializing in business and sustainability, do brand research for Rank a Brand and investigate its methodology and operations for a few weeks. Then they present their findings. Will this yield any useful insights to Rank a Brand? Do Rank a Brand’s activities even […]