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Top brands failing on cotton sustainability

Cotton is one of the world’s most commonly used textiles. However, the production of cotton has led to serious issues regarding environmental impact and labour conditions of cotton farmers. Although various sustainability initiatives exist, many problems and challenges remain, and the overall picture of cotton market sustainability is unclear. In order to shed light on […]

Webshops…Bringing Brands Unsustainably Right to Your Door

Webshops have one distinct advantage over typical consumer retail businesses in that they aren’t located in actual buildings that consume electricity, water, and natural gas; generate waste; and take up space in areas that were previously natural habitats. However, despite these advantages in regards to sustainability, the Webshops sector has its own set of issues, […]

Grolsch again tops list of most sustainable beers

On Sustainable Tuesday (Duurzame Dinsdag), the brand comparison organisation Rank a Brand has published the annual sustainable beer study, in which beer brand Grolsch comes out as the winner. The award will allow the brewery from the eastern Netherlands to hold on to its title as the ‘greenest’ beer on the Dutch market, which it […]

Tommy Hilfiger's Greenwash

Join the #makeapromise twitter campaign and ask Tommy Hilfiger to end poverty of his garment workers. Read below why! Tweet #makeapromise #makeapromise Have you heard about Tommy Hilfiger’s Make a Promise Campaign? The company is making a big splash about the money it’s giving a rural region of Uganda – all “in the hope of […]

Microsoft 2011 Citizenship Report: No Comment

We are working on new, better criteria for the website brands and will give you an update before 2012. In the meantime, while doing research on casino online Microsoft (Bing, Hotmail, MSN), we stumbled upon this one: Screenshot: website Microsoft, 8-11-2011 (shortened).

New vacancy: Product Developer

Rank a Brand, a leading global company with supply chain productions in various areas, including textile, hunting for an ambitious Product Developer! We are looking for a Product Developer with: * Diligence, high concentration capacity, attention to detail * Flexibility, ability to work on average 84 hours/week * Physical health and capacity to stand and […]

Rankers’ choice: the top 3 hollow CSR slogans!

After analyzing hundreds of CSR-reports and websites during the last 5 months, we have noticed that the CSR slogan of a brand does not necessarily say anything about its actual CSR policies. Our rankers made a top 3 to illustrate this point: 1.Nintendo’s definition of CSR is “activities that put smiles on the faces of […]

Twenty years Clean Clothes Campaign

Twenty years is a pretty long time. In November 2009, we can say that hundreds of thousands of textile workers (especially women) are still working more than 70 hours a week for incredible low wages that clearly fail to sustain basic (family) needs such as healthy food, clothes, housing, primary health care and education. So […]

Companies provide true information… or at least not directly false.

People don’t easily believe that businesses provide accurate information about how fair and green they or their products are. As Rank a Brand only uses the information provided on the websites of brands, we often have to explain ourselves. Over 99% of the data that companies present is accurate. Or at least, not more than […]

Top 3 of electronics brands

Sony Ericsson, Samsung en Nokia have received the highest Rank a Brand score out of the 42 ranked electronics brands. So when you need a new mobile, these can be good choices. The Greenpeace Guide To Greener Electronics also comes up with the same Top 3, and we are happy with that. Even before Rank […]