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Soft drinks not so soft for environment and labor conditions

Most soft drink brands show little ambition when it comes to the use of fair trade and environmentally certified ingredients, reduction of packaging, waste and water usage, and climate impact. Let alone that these brands show some actual results. Luckily, there are some exceptions that are performing better. One would expect that a sector that depends so much on water […]

New beer ranking by Rank a Brand

Rank a Brand has recently updated its beer ranking. Many of us like a good tasting beer every now and then, especially during the summer months. But we also want to be sure it is brewed in a responsible and sustainable way. Sustainability and beer is not just about using organic ingredients. Reduction of energy […]

New managing director Rank a Brand

As of Augustus 1, 2015 Radboud van Delft (1963) has started as new managing director of Rank a Brand. He has taken over from Niels Oskam, who has founded Rank a Brand and made it one of the largest sustainable brand comparison websites online casino in Europe. Radboud van Delft is a former director of […]