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Outdoor Fashion: Good for the Great Outdoors (and Beyond)?

If there is one type of fashion that is obviously connected to nature, it is outdoor fashion. Think breathable jackets, windproof pants and protective base layers – the type of clothing you wear when you go hiking, trekking and mountain biking. So are these clothes not only good for enjoying nature, but also good for […]

Top brands failing on cotton sustainability

Cotton is one of the world’s most commonly used textiles. However, the production of cotton has led to serious issues regarding environmental impact and labour conditions of cotton farmers. Although various sustainability initiatives exist, many problems and challenges remain, and the overall picture of cotton market sustainability is unclear. In order to shed light on […]

One year after Rana Plaza

On April 24 2013 more than a thousand people died in the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka (Bangladesh). In the following year, more than 150 brands signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, in which they consent to third-party audits of their Bengal suppliers. Unfortunately the accord does not […]

FeelGoodFashion Report 2014

How socially and ecologically responsible are Fashion brands in 2014? Rank a Brand’s latest research report puts international fashion brands under the spotlight, with an examination of the action they are taking on fair labour conditions reducing climate impacts, and protecting the environment. The majority of international mainstream-brands researched don´t do enough to give shoppers […]

Tommy Hilfiger's Greenwash

Join the #makeapromise twitter campaign and ask Tommy Hilfiger to end poverty of his garment workers. Read below why! Tweet #makeapromise #makeapromise Have you heard about Tommy Hilfiger’s Make a Promise Campaign? The company is making a big splash about the money it’s giving a rural region of Uganda – all “in the hope of […]

Brands commit to clear Chinese waters

Remember Greenpeace’s Detox Campaign – “Adidas and Nike need to detox”? The aim of this campaign is to put a halt on water pollution by fashion brands and their textile factories. Greenpeace is calling on all clothing brands to comply with and live up to the statements described in the Zero Discharge Commitment. To do […]

A great cleavage – with a clear conscience

It may be the depths of winter, and our toes may be turning blue, but February is a pretty good month to pick up some new lingerie. Lingerie brands and online fashion shops are clamouring to sell their valentine collections right now. Are you heading off this week to pick up something cute for your […]

Green Fashion comes to Amsterdam

Amsterdam Fashion Week takes place from January 25-29, and fashionistas are scrambling for the last tickets to the hottest shows. But there’s one show that’s grabbing attention among ethical-fashion watchers: it’s the Green Fashion Competition, which aims to spot talented entrepreneurs who are trying to build up a fashion house while safeguarding global biodiversity. Eight […]

The story behind Zara's human rights score

What happened? In August 2011, popular fashion brand Zara was all over the news. It was being accused by the Brazilian Ministry of Labour of human rights violations. The complaints were caused by the poor working conditions in a sewing studio in Brazil, in which workers had to work for 14 hours a day in […]