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Outdoor Fashion: Good for the Great Outdoors (and Beyond)?

If there is one type of fashion that is obviously connected to nature, it is outdoor fashion. Think breathable jackets, windproof pants and protective base layers – the type of clothing you wear when you go hiking, trekking and mountain biking. So are these clothes not only good for enjoying nature, but also good for […]

Top brands failing on cotton sustainability

Cotton is one of the world’s most commonly used textiles. However, the production of cotton has led to serious issues regarding environmental impact and labour conditions of cotton farmers. Although various sustainability initiatives exist, many problems and challenges remain, and the overall picture of cotton market sustainability is unclear. In order to shed light on […]

Poor performance of Sport and Outdoor brands

Recently, Rank a Brand updated its ranking for Sport & Outdoor brands. These brands have some of the greatest potential to appeal to people who prefer to buy environmentally and socially responsible brands. Generally, those of us who tend to make purchases from these sectors spend time outdoors, whether they’re hiking up a forest trail, […]

Outdoor brands: green by default?

With spring coming up and winter sportswear on sale, outdoor brands are doing great business. The products on their websites are surrounded by images of beautiful landscapes. This ‘natural’ branding makes you, as a consumer, trust them easily for producing their products with attention and care for our earth. But is this true? Source: Patagonia […]