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Full stomach = clear conscience?

You may have noticed that we’ve not brought you any news for a while on when we will be adding new sectors to our rankings. That’s because our attention has been devoted to analysing the new CSR reports being published by fashion and telecoms brands – among others. Plus, we’ve been wrapped up with the […]

Made in the USA

Why American Apparel don’t score on labour conditions Whatever you may think of jeggings – e.g., “only for those with noodle legs” – you have to admit that American Apparel has come up with a magic formula for selling clothes to the hipster generation. And they’ve built up a rep for being green. Short supply […]

Toyota most transparent, green and fair car brand

After months of hard work at Rank a Brand, Toyota turns out to be the most transparent, green and fair car brand. Peugeot, Citroën and Fiat follow closely behind. Opel, Mitsubishi and Suzuki have the lowest scores by far. Rank a Brand did not only look at the green, economic and hybrid models, but focused […]

The most transparent, green and fair CAR brand: online on 8 December

How transparent, green and fair is your favourite car brand? You will find out from December the 8th at Rank a Brand. Car brands tumble over each other with their ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ promotional videos and magazine advertisements. Brands try to seduce consumers with slogans like ‘Because we think powerful and responsible’ (Hyundai) and ‘Clean […]

Four out of ten fashion brands publish CSR policies online

Nearly four out of ten fashion brands provide insight into their policies for corporate social responsibility (CSR) on their website. Labour conditions polices tend to be most exemplified by fashion companies. Measures to reduce carbon emissions are described by one out of four companies and one out of five mentions the use of materials such […]

Hotmail, MSN and Bing most transparant, green and fair websites

The ‘Unfriend Coal’ campaign from Greenpeace made us wonder if only Facebook is not transparent about the power that they use, and also how green and fair the world’s largest websites are. How are Twitter, Google, eBay & Amazon dealing with people and the environment? There is still a lot of room for improvement for […]

Marks & Spencer is going green(er)

Marks & Spencer is not doing bad in our ranking, the British retailer went up to 9 out of 16 points! Quite a good score within the fashion and apparel sector. But probably not good enough for Marks & Spencer yet, since the company has set a very ambitious goal: Becoming the world’s most sustainable […]

Real Men Wait for Hugo Boss

Men’s fashion is running behind when it comes to corporate social responsibility, says Rank a Brand’s founder Niels Oskam in a special about men’s fashion in the Dutch Magazine Elsevier. Niels illustrated this with the brand Hugo Boss, a fashion empire that is ever so slightly about climate, environment and labour conditions. We wonder if […]

Dear brands, why do you give us and yourselves such a hard time?

‘Not found on website of brand’: this is our most common answer when ranking brands. More than half of the 600 brands we have ranked does not tell us anything about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). And when they do provide information about the first two P’s in people, planet & profit, concrete information is often […]

Rank a Brand featured in barcode scanner Germany

Since today Germans are a little bit more privileged than the rest of the world. barcoo has launched a new and improved version of its barcode scan application which includes information on how sustainable consumer brands and products are. And we are one of the featured rankings! The smartphone application is very simple: consumers scan […]