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Sustainability telecom nothing to mail home about

Mobile phone, digital TV and Internet subscriptions—you might think that for such services, which are digital after all, sustainability is not a main concern. But it is. By 2025, the Telecom sector is expected to use a whopping 10% of global power consumption, so climate change is a key issue. Yet Telecom companies also use […]

Rank a Brand vs. RSM business students: 11 ideas

Here’s an experiment: 54 master students from the Rotterdam School of Management, specializing in business and sustainability, do brand research for Rank a Brand and investigate its methodology and operations for a few weeks. Then they present their findings. Will this yield any useful insights to Rank a Brand? Do Rank a Brand’s activities even […]

Calling upon telecom providers to become more sustainable

When thinking about brands in sectors with a need for sustainable practices, telecom providers do not immediately come to mind. However, this sector uses so much energy that a change towards renewables would be a major improvement. This energy dependency is mostly caused by the data centres that allow internet and telephone communications. Apart from […]