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Freshly Brewed Ranking Guidelines for the Coffee Sector

Did you know that coffee was the first product for which a Fairtrade certification was introduced, now three decennia ago? To examine if the coffee sector as a whole—and certain brands in particular—are indeed a frontrunner in sustainability, we have for this year’s edition of coffee brand rankings revised our ranking criteria substantially. For one, […]

Electronics Brands: It’s Time to Super Charge Sustainability

One Electronics brand (Fairphone) sets an example while three other brands (Asus, Apple, and HP) have made progress for the Electronics sector in regards to sustainability by embracing the challenges and opportunities associated with the Electronics sector. One brand, Fairphone, received a “B” label, and three brands, Asus, Apple, and HP received a “C” label […]

One year after Rana Plaza

On April 24 2013 more than a thousand people died in the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka (Bangladesh). In the following year, more than 150 brands signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, in which they consent to third-party audits of their Bengal suppliers. Unfortunately the accord does not […]

Is Mango ripe for being Green?

Guest blog by Marina Alexandrova Girls’ shopping sprees often lead there: Mango, a popular clothes store for the young, hip crowd, with a home base in Spain and shops all over the world. When you pass the Mango store, you may be additionally enticed by a welcoming window label: ‘Made in Green’ by AITEX. This […]

H&M’s ‘Conscious Actions’ in 2011

The CSR season has started. Loads of CSR reports are made public every year in spring – mainly by fashion brands. H&M is among the first to bring out its 2011 report ‘Conscious Actions’. With this report, the brand shows the world that it wants to be the world’s eco fast fashion leader. A report […]

2011: the year of big ambitions

At the start of 2011, it was clear that our time had come: sustainability was dubbed a “mega trend” by those in the know. We”ve been delighted to see so many great ideas and initiatives coming from the brand-side this year – which leads us to conclude that many brands have set real, “sustainable” ambitions […]

Check out our new website!

If you’ve not already noticed (and shame on you if you haven’t!): we have a new website! After weeks struggling to get the last bugs out, it’s finally up and live! Not only does it have a new look and feel (including a new logo!), we have added some extra features: we have a new […]

Foxconn: Why are we only picking on Apple?

Hurrah! Apple has announced that it will be forcing the infamous Foxconn to work with independent auditors from the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to improve conditions in its Chinese mega-factories. But there are two reasons why it’s a little too soon to celebrate. The first one is obvious: the audits have barely begun, so there […]

Impossible to ignore: the rise of CSR

Companies are investing more and more in their CSR effors. That is the headline finding in a recent report by Dutch NGO MVOnederland, which reveals ten positive trends in the evolution of responsible business practices. Interestingly, it also seems that the business case for responsible and sustainable policies is getting stronger and stronger. Here are […]

Dark, dark chocolate from Ivory Coast

Tweet Just how green and fair are Nutella, Toblerone, Snickers, Bounty or Milka? It’s not long before you’ll be able to check – we’re planning to publish their rankings pretty soon. And it looks like we’re going to have more to feel guilty about than just a few stolen calories. Chocolate’s sweetness is only matched […]