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Green and fair shopping has a future: the growth of responsible apps

Tweet Every year, the Dutch Queen delivers a speech outlining her government”s plans for the future. And for the second year running, a group of leading Dutch trend-watchers have delivered their own “Queen”s Speech” – but with the focus squarely on the fastest growing consumer trends. Their main message? That the way we live, work, […]

Phony Equality at Nokia

Tweet Apple has been replaced by Nokia. Not in the race to bring out the smartest phone, but because Nokia is taking Apple”s place as the latest electronics giant to be shown to use factories where workers are not treated fairly. A report published last week finds that precarious jobs and insufficient wages are depressingly […]

Google’s transparency has a strange smell…

Tweet Google has published new information about its energy use and CO2 emissions. The search giant has come up with some great infographics for displaying data that they’ve never published before. And while this takes the company straight to the top of our ranking list, there were still some gaps in their information. While we were […]

Wanted: the world's worst corporations

Tweet The Berne Declaration and Greenpeace Switzerland are rooting out corporations that ruthlessly pursue profits at any cost – human or environmental. When they find out who they are, they’re going to name and shame them at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The worst offenders will find their sins exposed via the 2012 Public […]

Are they taking us seriously?

Tweet The law of supply and demand dictates that what the consumer wants, it gets. Which is why we vote with our wallets. But when you know that a company can sell thousands – millions – BILLIONS! – of products each day, then it’s easy to lose heart. After all, if everyone else is just […]

Telling lies? For shame!

How do you know when a company is telling porkies online? We hear this question all the time at Rank a Brand, and it matters because we base our rankings on the information that companies publish. How confident can we be that the information they publish is true? Consumer 2.0 Companies do everything they can […]

The Heineken dilemma: One brand, one mission?

It turns out that we got so much great publicity for our Dutch beer rankings last week, that we caught the eye of Heineken. They pointed out that we had calculated their ranking using their global sustainability report. But, in fact, they said, they have another report that focuses exclusively on their Dutch arm. And […]

Join the crowd

When you’re strolling down the high street and wondering what to buy, it’s very hard to tell which products are better for the world we live in. Most of the time, we don’t have the slightest clue which ones are better for the climate or whether they are recyclable, or whether they are even produced […]

Fair Trade Original strengthens its position as responsible brand

Last week we published the results of the most sustainable chocolate, coffee / tea and tropical fruit brands. Of the (in Holland) well known chocolate brands we researched, Verkade came out on top. This is due to their transparent way of communicating and 100% fair trade cocoa. There are now several brands of which additional information has come out. Reason enough for us to update our rankings. Conclusion: Fair Trade Original (FTO) and Verkade are now in a joint first place. […]

Adidas and Nike need to detox

Update: 18/08/2011 Greenpeace has announced that Nike has officially signed up to the Detox Challenge. Not only has Nike committed to eliminating all hazardous chemicals across its entire supply chain, and the entire life-cycle of its products by 2020, but it also agreed to address the issue of the public”s “right to know” by ensuring […]