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Searching online sustainability

They are inescapable in our daily lives and we might assume that their environmental footprint is just as small as the electricity it takes to load a webpage. We’re talking about websites. Think Google, Gmail, Facebook, Wikipedia, eBay, Linkedin, Youtube, Dropbox and more. We use them as search engines, for social interactions and for shopping. […]

Who produces the most sustainable bits and bytes?

When it comes to the environmental impact of websites (such as Facebook or Google), the biggest concern is the electricity consumption of data centers. The increasing use of the internet provides additional pressure on the global electricity supply. In 2011, between 1.1 and 1.5 percent of global electricity consumption was attributable to data centers, and […]

Hotmail, MSN and Bing most transparant, green and fair websites

The ‘Unfriend Coal’ campaign from Greenpeace made us wonder if only Facebook is not transparent about the power that they use, and also how green and fair the world’s largest websites are. How are Twitter, Google, eBay & Amazon dealing with people and the environment? There is still a lot of room for improvement for […]

It’s all about the packaging

Attention! The Rank a Brand website underwent a make-over. Our template is new, but you will still find the same ever growing content on the website. We have picked up your tips (thank you!) and adjusted the design according to your wishes. From now on the top 7 best ranked brands in each sector will […]